A fresh wave of Innovation

Softlutions is an innovative forward looking software development company. We strive to bring consistent, feature rich software development capabilities to a wider audience than traditionally expected.

Our core vision of more accessible software development is achieved through FrameworX. FrameworX opens up the world of cost effective, consistent feature rich software development using a few easy to understand yet powerful concepts.

Softlutions together with our Partner Network, provide industry specific solutions, built using FrameworX, to cater for the diverse ever changing needs of industry. Partner Solutions cover an ever growing range of industries so that eventually an entire eco-system of solutions will be available through the Partner Network.

Introducing FrameworX

FrameworX opens up a new innovative world of software development possibilities to both companies requiring custom software solutions and software solution providers alike.

Companies in search of custom software solutions can leverage existing internal resources and skills to create powerful feature rich solutions to meet their specific software needs while reducing their reliance on external vendors.

Solution Providers can provide tailor made, feature rich solutions to their clients in a highly consistent manner while ensuring that the highest level of quality and stability are maintained. Higher throughput is guaranteed as FrameworX allows the solution provider to focus on the business problem at hand.

Latest Case Studies



The Customer SSK is an agriculture orientated organisation in the [...]